Create A Global Culture And Entertainment Digital Asset

ZZM team using its own industry experience and blockchain technology achieves strategic cooperation with many large enterprises, and commits to the application of blockchain technology in culture and entertainment industry to create a global culture and entertainment digital platform. It is aimed at solving the current culture and entertainment pain points, supporting the creators of the cultural contents in the new generation, changing the organizational structure of the culture and entertainment industries, and reconstructing the culture and entertainment in the Pan-Entertainment era. Industrial network and operation mode

ZZM application scenarios are wide and feasible, and mainly divided into three major categories including content distribution, decentralized storage and fragmented time.

  • Content distribution

    Content distribution
    Taking advantage of block chain’s unique features of trusted data environment, all originators can easily, quickly, and cheaply complete the original announcement, copyright registration, and crowdfunding of their work. Besides, they can upload their creative contents to the decentralized storage system to provide themselves with a one-stop adjective asset management solution.
  • De centralization storage

    De centralization storage
    The ZZM platform provides decentralized storage services for valuable information created by originators, such as written text, film and television works, etc. and creatively integrates decentralization solutions based on IPFS protocol.
  • Fragmentation time

    Fragmentation time
    Users can buy star time via ZZMToken. For example, a user can find the star his girlfriend likes on ZZM platform and give him/her certain amount of ZZMToken to ask him/her to record a birthday wish video for his girlfriend.

Management Team

Enrich the cooperation channels of global community and exchange to promote ZZM value transmission

  • Scott Tattrie

    CEO of ZZM

    Scott Tattrie

    CEO of ZZM
    Scott Tattrie has extensive experience in development and management. He has worked as senior developer and research director in various startups and large companies. He has worked for companies including Captaris, Teamplate, and Vertical Technologies. With more than two decades of development experience, it covers a wide range of technologies, including front-end UIs, back-end services, complex multi-tier systems, and individual user applications. He has always attached great importance to innovation and the adoption of new technologies, especially technologies that promote data visualization, modeling, and simulation as tools to help users understand the systems they interact with. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from Nova Scotia University of Technology.
  • William.Jafferson.Clinton



    Born in New York, graduated from the New York University, the famous American economist, early bitcoin evangelists, participated in numerous investment projects, including Ethernet square, ripple etc.
  • Paul Hopkins

    ZZM Operations Director

    Paul Hopkins

    ZZM Operations Director
    Paul has been a leader in sales and marketing operations in the data center and cloud services industries for more than 18 years. His career began at Netcom, one of the earliest ISP companies and the first IPO (1994) Internet company. Later, he became a founding member of the sales team at Exodus Communications. Exodus Communications is a pioneer in the data center industry and led the company’s revenue growth from $50 million to $800 million over four years. Over the past eight years, Paul has established and led several world-class sales teams with leading data center and management service providers Savvis, IPSoft, and Telx. Paul earned MBA degrees from the University of California at Berkeley and Columbia University respectively.

Media Partners

Appreciation Concept

Support the creators of the cultural contents in the new generation Change the organizational structure of the culture and entertainment industries

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